Festivities in the Reformation City Bergen

Programme for the Reformation City Bergen festivities 3–5 March 2017

Luther and the Reformation will make their mark in Bergen in 2017
On 31 October 2017, it will be 500 years since Martin Luther’s renowned theses against the sale of indulgences were made public in Wittenberg. This triggered the Reformation, which altered large parts of the world.

Bergen represents Norway in a network of 68 European cities (r2017.org). The city of Bergen, Bergen cathedral parish, Bergen Church Council and Bjørgvin Diocese have established ‘the Reformation City Bergen 2017’ and invite everyone to take part in activities during the Lutherfestdagene festivities on 3–7 March and throughout the Reformation year of 2017. 

Participants include: Bjarte Hjelmeland, Atle Halstensen, Bergen Cathedral Choir, Erna Solberg, Kjetil Almenning, Dick van Dijk, Helga Samset, Arve Henriksen, Hilde Frafjord Johnson, Marthe Valle, Eva Pfitzenmaier, Natalie Sandtorv, Per Inge Hove, Stephanie Springer, Robert Woodberry, Magne Supphellen, Andrew Spicer, Kristin Gunleiksrud Raaum, Terje Nordby, Helga Haugland Byfulglien, Halvor Nordhaug, Young European Voices, Pastor Wang’s Kvintett etc.
Programme Lutherfestdagene festivities,

Sermon workshop – Spread the message! Tore Skjæveland, Master of Rhetoric. Time: 10.00–15.00 Place: St John’s Church café. For registered participants.

Luther film (in English only). Time: 14.15 Place: Bergen cinema Price: see: www.bergenkino.no        

Teser i tiden (Theses in time): Light projection/Church chimes. Student project Bergen Academy of Art and Design / the Grieg Academy / Asbjørn Myksvoll / Dick van Dijk. Time: 16.00 Place: St John’s Church tower Price: Free
LUTHER NIGHT:                                             
Jakob - veien hjem er lang. Story theatre performed by Helga Samset (Narrator) and Arve Henriksen (trumpet). Time: 18.00–19.00 Place: Korskirken Church Price: NOK 220/170 (normal / stud. / BT card)

Guided walk in the Reformation City with Målfrid Krohn Sletten from BergenByExpert. Time: 18.00 / 20.00 / 22.00 Place: Meet at the Kristkirke Church site at Koengen. Price: NOK 170

Explore the church art collection. Experience the Reformation – Guided tours/lecture led by Justin Kroesen and others from the University of Bergen. Time: 18.30/19.30/20.30 Place: The University Museum

Explore the Hanseatic museum. Time: 19.00/20.00/21.00

Hymn singalong – An evening of hymns for everyone – For registered choirs and individuals who enjoy singing. With Gro Anthun, Vidar Eldholm, Sigurd Øgaard and others. Time: 19.00–22.00 Place: Bergen Cathedral Price: Free

Who is the best preacher? Sermon contest – friendly contest for registered entrants. Time: 19.00–21.00 Price: Free Place: ØSTRE (Østre Skostredet 3) Age limit: 18 years

TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday). For young people. Time: 20.30 Place: St. Jakob’s Church Price: Free

Luther På Nytt – improvisation concert with Per Inge Hove, Eva Pfitzenmaier, Natalie Sandtorv. Time: 21.00–23.00 Place: ØSTRE (Østre Skostredet 3) Price: Free. Age limit: 18 years
R2017. The Reformation ‘Storymobile’ is open. European travelling exhibition. Time: 11.00–20.00. Place: Torget. Price: Free

‘Lutherings’ in the Nykirken Church. Activities for children and families. Art workshop, theatre, Luther selfie, Luther cakes and more. Time: 11.00–16.00 Place: Nykirken Church Price: Free

The seven-tower trip – Quiz trail for children in the Reformation City. 11.00–16.00 Place: Nykirken Church and the whole city Price: Free

Hymn relay – Brisk Hymn walk open to everyone. Guides: Per Inge Hove and Kjetil Almenning. Time: 12.30–13.00 Place: Torgalmenningen Price: Free                       

Official opening: Lutherfestdagene festivities in the Reformation City! With the Prime Minister, the Mayor of Bergen, the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Norway, representatives from the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Marthe Valle, Choirs from Norway and abroad, Kjetil Almenning, Vidar Eldholm soloist/host. Time: 13.00 Place: Torgalmenningen Price: Free

Luther film (in English only). Time: 13.00 Place: Bergen cinema Price: see: www.bergenkino.no                         

Reading from the catechism – Come, see and listen! Time: 14.30 Place: Bergen Public library Price: Free 

Church chimes concert – The Grieg Academy’s composition class. Time: 14.30 Place: St John’s Church Price: Free

Luther talks – Prescription for a society under pressure. Public meeting (in English) With Robert Woodberry, Stephanie Springer, Erna Solberg, Halvor Nordhaug.Moderator: Hans Jørgen Steinfeldt. Time: 15.00–16.30 Place: University Aula Price: NOK 120/100 (normal/stud./BT card)

Church chimes concert – Dick van Dijk. Time: 18.00 Place: St John’s Church. Price: Free

Anniversary performance: Nåde i en ny tid (Grace in a new era). With Bjarte Hjelmeland, strings, r2017, Youth choir, Kjetil Amenning, Atle Halstensen, Vidar Eldholm, Per Inge Hove, Eva Pfitzenmaier, Natalie Sandtorv, Marthe Valle. Time: 20.00–21.30 Place: St John’s Church Price: NOK 275/220 (normal/stud./BT card) 

‘Jesus loves electro’ – Concert, after party, party for young people. Time: 22.00 Place: St. Jakob’s Church Price: NOK 50 
SUNDAY 5 MARCH 2017:                                                              
Celebratory church service – Bach’s Reformation cantata no. 80. With choirs, soloists, orchestra, Cathedral Cantor Kjetil Almenning, Presiding Bishop Helga Haugland Byfuglien, Bishop Halvor Nordhaug. Church coffee at 12.30. Time: 11.00 Place: Bergen Cathedral Price: Free

Celebration and family church service. Service with much singing and activities. With Åse Kristin Aagaard/Eirik Breivik Minde. Time: 11.00 Place: Nykirken Church Price: Free

Young people’s service. Youth choir groups and international guests, Anne Line Kroken. Time: 11.00 Place: Korskirken Church Price: Free
Church chimes concert with Asbjørn Myksvoll. Time: 12.15 Place: St. John’s Church Price: Free          

The church in a new era. Meeting for heads of all the elected councils in Bjørgvin Diocese. Time: 13.00 Place: Grand Hotel Terminus                        

Luther film (in English only). Time: 13.00 Place: Bergen cinema Price: see: www.bergenkino.no                         

Pilgrimage – with Luther? Lecture Dr theol. Roger Jensen, general manager Pilegrimssenter Oslo. Time: 13.30 Place: Bergen Cathedral sacristy Price: Free 

Church chimes concert – Dick van Dijk. Time: 17.00 Place: St John’s Church Price: Free 

Values and cultural heritage under pressure. Public meeting, Kristin Gunleiksrud Raaum, Terje Nordby and others. Time: 16.00–17.30 Place: House of Literature Price: NOK 120/100 (normal/stud./BT card)

German church service – Reconstruction from 1897. With Professor Stig Wernøe Holter, pastor Sebastian Wilhelm, pastor Hans Jørgen Morvik, pastor Andreas Ester, cantor Karstein Askeland, Time: 18.00 Place: St. Mary’s Church Price: free                                               
Luther jazz: Pastor Wang’s quintet. Time: 19.00 Place: St. Jakob’s Church Price: NOK 170/120 (normal/stud./BT card)
MONDAY 6 MARCH 2017:                                                                 
The Reformation and the arts around the North Sea. International conference in English. Prof. Dr Henrik von Achen, Prof. Dr Raingard Esser, Prof.  Dr Christoph Auffarth, Dr Justin Kroesen, Dr Henning Laugerud, Prof. Dr Andrew Spicer, Jacolien Wubs MA. Time: 10.00–16.00 Place: Bryggens Museum Price: NOK 220/120 (normal/stud./BT card) 

‘The Reformation – A Curse for Church Art? Facts and Myths’. Debate in English. Prof. Dr Andrew Spicer, Associate professor Henning Laugerud, Prof. Dr Henrik von Achen. Time: 19.00–20.30 Place: House of Literature. Price: NOK 20/100 (normal/stud./BT card)
The Reformation: a precondition for democracy and welfare? Conference: With guests including Robert Woodberry, Gunnar Winsnes Knutsen, Christian Anton Smedshaug, Oddvar Johan Jensen, Jan Heiret and more. Time: 10.00–16.00. Place: University Aula. Price: NOK 220/120 (normal/stud./BT card)

The Reformation – a successful export? Debate. With guests including Magne Supphellen, Robert Woodberry, Heidi Westborg Steel, Oddvar Johan Jensen. Time: 19.00–21.00 Place: House of Literature. Price: NOK 120/100 (normal/stud./BT card)
Ten Sing youth choir event. The Norwegian YWCA-WMCA organises an event for youth choirs from across Bjørgvin Diocese. Place: Ynglingen. Nedre Korskirkealmenning 4 Time: Friday 18.00–Sunday 13.00
Registration and information: Lars Håberg Ottesen Phone: (+47) 950 84 688 Email: lh692@kirken.no
‘Between the law of perfection and the grace of acceptance’ International youth conference.                                                      
Programme may be subject to changes.
Bergen and the Reformation
In Nidaros in 1526, Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson received the first of several complaints about Lutheran tendencies in Bergen. It was no coincidence that Luther’s learnings caught on in Bergen and that the Hanseatics were eager crusaders for the new doctrine. The Lutheran tradition of singing grace quickly spread in Bergen homes.

Celebrations all year
The Reformation year 2017 will be celebrated worldwide in an ecumenical community, by academia and society at large. 

Celebrating the fruits
The Reformation City Bergen aims to 
• Highlight the mark that the Reformation left on society
• Celebrate the benefits of the Reformation
• Encourage debate on the values of our society

Partners: Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Bergen School of Architecture, University of Bergen, NLA University College, Norwegian YWCA-YMCA, the Church City Mission, Norwegian Church Academies, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Bergen Cinema, Bergen Public Library, the Joint Council of Congregations in Mission (SMM), Church of Norway Council on Ecumenical and International Relations, HimalPartner, Digni, the Church Art Collection, Museum Vest, the Evangelist German-speaking Church in Oslo, German National Tourist Board, Bergen City Museum, Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments.

Contributors: The City of Bergen, Hordaland County Council, the Church History Association in Bjørgvin Diocese, the Fritt Ord Foundation, H. Westfal-Larsen og hustru Anna Westfal-Larsens almennyttige fond, Akasia, EGD, W. Giertsen Hallsystem.
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