Church of Norway Partner Fund

The Church of Norway Partner Fund was set up following a decision in the Church of Norway Synod 1996 to allocate 10% of the annual return from a Church Fund to support of sister churches in the global East and South.

Overarching objective of the Partner Fund
Partner Fund resources shall contribute to the stimulation of sound and sustainable ecumenical relations between partners. Church activities are dependent upon human and material resources. Material resources, especially money, can easily create undesirable dependency between partners. The long-term effect of a project partnership will therefore be underlined.

This overarching objective is reflected in the following guidelines:


I. 50% of the resources will be allocated through the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF).
II. 40% of the resources will be distributed through sister churches and partner organisations of the Church of Norway (at local, regional or national level), or through the Norwegian organisations participating in the LWF National Committee.
III. 10% will be allocated to the twinning between Norwegian congregations and dioceses and churches in the South.

Comment on guideline I – 50 % allocated multilaterally through WCC and LWF
50% are allocated multilaterally through the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). The funds are distributed with one half to each organisation.
Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) provides financial support each year through ecumenical organisations. The Partner Fund allocation will therefore be considered in relation to the NCA grants.

Comment on guideline II – 40 % allocated bilaterally
40% are allocated bilaterally based on applications from
- Sister churches or partner organisations
- Norwegian congregations/dioceses on behalf of sister churches or partner organisations
- Norwegian organisations which are observers in the LWF National Committee, on behalf of sister churches or partner organisations

Norwegian congregations, dioceses and organisations who forward applications on behalf of partners must first consider to what extent the application relates to the guidelines for the Partner Fund.

Grants to sister churches shall primarily contribute to the following:
- Development of individual and institutional-based competence and capacity
- Ecumenical co-operation initiatives, especially south-to-south programs

Grants to sister churches can also be used to strengthen already existing relations between the Church of Norway/Norwegian organisations and their sister churches /partner organisations.

A certain geographical focus for these grants can also be sought from year to year.

Applications must contain information on the following:
- Aims and means, including plans for follow-up after the projects have been finished.
- How the project relates to the regular work of the church or partner-organisation. Applications from local congregations, dioceses and institutions must have endorsement from the national church leadership or be forwarded through the national church structure.
- How the project will strengthen ecumenical cooperation at local, regional and national level.
- The relationship to the Church of Norway or Norwegian organisations.
- Other funding partners.
- Total budget and budget applied for.
The Partner Fund cannot provide 100% financing of a particular project.
A particular grant will normally not exceed 10% of the total Partner Fund available.
Priorities will be given to projects that are limited in time, normally not longer than three years.

Comment on guideline III – 10% to twinning relation
Grants will be distributed through 3-4 dioceses each year. These grants shall normally not be used to subsidise Norwegian participation in the twinning. The grants can be used in south-to-south twinning, and preferably to those with a relation to a third part in Norway.
Grants for twinning at the local and regional level will normally be given to projects lasting one year or less and will normally not exceed USD 3,000.

Reports from the grant recipients must be sent before April 1st the following year. It must confirm that grants have been used according to the application and must briefly state how the aims have been fulfilled. A financial report must follow.

Deadline for applications to all projects: 1 December
Date of decision-making: February each year

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