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Climate change and environment

"Threatened life - a faith response" is a statement from Church of Norway General Synod in 2007.

The Church of Norway General Synod 2007 in this statement confirms and strengthens the church stance on consumption, justice and environmental concerns. The statement shows the profound changes that are needed in our way of life and challenges the church to help individuals and congregations seek an “earthbound Christian practice” where we follow Christ in service for creation and fellow human beings.

The backdrop for this statement is a series of earlier resolutions on issues of environment, consumption and justice. The Church of Norway General Synod in 2001 resolved that “The vision must be to make the church the world’s largest environmental movement” and that the subject “Consumption and Justice” concerns the entire congregation. The General Synod in 2003 decided to introduce the celebration of “Creation Day/Creation Period” as an integral part of the ecclesiastical year.

Earlier statements on environment and climate (only available in Norwegian) include:

  • “Consumption and Justice”  (General Synod resolution, 1996)
  • “The Consumer Society as an Ethical Challenge” (report to the Church of Norway Bishops’ Conference, 1992)
  • “Protection of Life” (General Synod statement, 1989)

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