Plan for Christian Education

The title of the Plan for Christian Education in the Church of Norway is "God gives - we share".

The plan was adopted by the Church of Norway General synod 2009.

The aim of the Plan for Christian Education is to contribute to a systematic and continuous Christian education that

• awakens and strengthens Christian faith

• imparts knowledge of the Triune God

• helps in interpreting life and mastering the art of living

• encourages interest and involvement in the life of the church and the community

• for all baptised persons aged 0-18 years, irrespective of their degree of functionality.

The national plan is a combination of a general plan and a resource document that can be a stimulus for the development and implementation of local plans for Christian education. The Plan for Christian Education is an instrument for congregations, parish councils, employees, volunteers, children’s and young people’s organisations and others who are responsible for Christian education in the parish.

Chapters 1 and 2 describe the basic philosophy behind the national plan. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 lay down specific regulations for the content and structure of Christian education. Chapter 6 describes basic elements that must be reflected in local plans. Chapters 7, 8 and 9 describe how a local plan should be made, how responsibility is shared and provides resources for implementing the national plan. Both chapter 2 and chapter 6 contain questions to give those with responsibility for the local plan in a parish necessary oversight and to help them to reflect and concretise their plans. A checklist to help with local planning, a list of key passages in the bible and a list of basic activities are included as an appendix to the national plan.

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