Plan for Diakonia

The Church of Norway General Synod 2007 adopted a new Plan for Diakonia, with the vision: "The love of God for all people and the whole of creation revealed through our life and service."

The plan understands diakonia as “the caring ministry of the Church. It is the Gospel in action and is expressed through loving your neighbour, creating inclusive communities, caring for creation and struggling for justice”

To practise diakonia is to serve human beings, the created world, and God. This basic definition has consequences for worship and Christian education. All Christians are called to live their daily life in service for others. This applies to all age groups. Diakonia should be a basic principle in all aspects of congregational life, and should result in practical measures. Diakonia has a special responsibility in cases where nobody else takes responsibility for caring. Mutuality and respect for the dignity of others is fundamental.

Globalisation presents a special challenge to diakonia. Cultural and ethnic diversity is a fact of life in Norwegian congregations. Our concern is for people who suffer, whether they live in our own neighbourhood or in other countries. Care for creation is a global and a local responsibility. All this is reflected in local plans for diakonia.

The first part of this plan, chapters 1-3, presents the view of diaconal ministry – diakonia – that has gradually emerged within the Church of Norway. However, there are many local variations and traditions that together form an inspiring whole. The second part, chapters 4-6, describes areas of ministry and practical methods. It contains guidelines for planning and carrying out diaconal ministry in the congregations.

Download the Church of Norway Plan for Diakonia (2007) below.

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