Weddings are celebrations of love. Two people promise to love and honour one another, and to stay true to each other for better or for worse for the rest of their lives. The two people are at the centre of the celebration, but they are not alone. Their mutual promises are given in the presence of witnesses.

Marriage is a public act. Marriage vows can be made in a civil ceremony or in a church ceremony. A state-approved functionary must declare the marriage as valid. Priests in the Church of Norway, as in many other religious denominations in Norway, are state-approved to perform marriage ceremonies.

A wedding in a church can be lavish or simple. The two persons getting married can be young or old. The day can be celebrated together with family and friends.

Whether the wedding is small or large – in church, our whole life is placed in God’s hands, asking for God’s blessings.

The wedding vows can only be given with a priest and witnesses present. In the Church of Norway, marriage can only be officiated between a woman and a man. Any couple who are married in a civil ceremony are welcome to church to have a blessing ceremony for their life together.


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