Church engagement

The Church of Norway has been engaged in questions about justice, the environment and climate for many years, fighting together with many other churches, organisations and people in Norway and around the world.

The "Christian Network for Environment and Justice” was established in  Norway in 1999 after the establishment of a similar network between churches in Europe (European Christian Environmental Network/ECEN). The network is ecumenical and wants to promote this work at all levels within the church. Therefore, the network caters for individuals, congregations and organisations that want to work with these questions in their churches.

The purpose of the network is to create forums for people who want to get involved in questions about “consumption and justice”, ecology and environment with their Christian faith as a starting point. Seminars (central and/or regional) and web pages will be such forums.

 The forums shall provide mutual information, exchange of experiences and inspiration. Since the 1996 General Synod, the Church of Norway has an obvious involvement in these questions under the headline “Consumption and Justice”, a work that on a national level is coordinated and run by the Church of Norway National Council. In this way, the network wants to be a support group and to push for the Church of Norway’s follow-up of the work with “Consumption and Justice”. On the same level as and through our ecumenical cooperation partners, we will support such an involvement in other denominations, and provide an extensive cooperation with “everyone of good will” outside the churches also.¨ 

Kontaktinformasjon for Den norske kirke, Kirkerådet

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Nettsiden er en videreføring av samarbeidsprosjektet Skaperverk og Bærekraft som ble avsluttet i 2016.

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