The Reformation - A Curse for Church Art? (engelsk)

Praktisk informasjon

Frå:6.3.2017 - kl.19.00

Til:6.3.2017 - kl.20.30


Arrangør:Reformasjonsbyen Bergen

Debatt på Engelsk. Prof. Dr. Andrew Spicer, Associate professor Henning Laugerud, Prof. Dr. Henrik von Achen.
This conversation takes place in the framework of a one-day conference on The Reformation and the Arts Around the North Sea, organized by the University Museum of Bergen and Bjørgvin diocese.

Speakers have been asked to focus on how medieval church buildings and their interiors were treated through the reformation and in what ways these were adapted to new forms of protestant worship. In this way, the many varieties of ‘accommodating protestantism’ will be discussed, in which lutheranism stands out as a particularly preserving tradition.

Conversation with Prof. Dr. Andrew Spicer (Oxford), Associate Professor Henning Laugerud (University of Bergen) and Henrik von Achen (Bergen University Museum).

Arrangør: Bjørgvin bispedømme

Arrangementet er støttet av Fritt Ord og en del av Lutherfestdagene i Reformasjonsbyen Bergen 2017.

100/80,– (Eget billettsalg)

Late Gothic altarpiece from Eksingedalen church, around 1500, now in the University Museum of Bergen. It survived the Reformation but lost large part of its images. Foto: Justin Kroesen