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A brief introduction to Stavanger Diocese

Stavanger Diocese (SD) is one of 11 dioceses in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway.

Geographically SD is located in the most south-western part of Norway, in Rogaland County, with a landscape of high mountains, deep fjords and flat farmlands. The North Sea keeps the climate relatively mild and rainy.

Bishop Erling Pettersen has been SD’s bishop since 2009.
SD consists of 9 deaneries and 92 parishes. The number of church members in SD is around 330.000. The average attendance at any individual Sunday worship service is around 140. The number of baptized each year is around 4400, mostly children.

The numbers of paid coworkers in SD includes approx.130 pastors, 30 Christian educators, 40 deacons, 150 organists and 600 part- or fulltime coworkers of other kinds. The number of non-paid coworkers and volunteers is numerous.

Local society
Rogaland County has one of the best farmlands in Norway. The North Sea and the deep fjords have, through the generations, made fisheries lucrative. The same can also be said for other industries, such as shipping, construction and trade. Since the late 1960s, the oil industry has been the dominant source of income and has attracted many nationalities to search for jobs in the area. Stavanger is, therefore, also called “the oil capital” of Norway. 

Due to both Christian missions and the emergence of the oil industry, the Stavanger area has been
deeply influenced by a wide global view over many years.

Stavanger Diocese is located in the south-western part of Norway.

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