The diocese of Møre

The Diocese of Møre, created in 1983, covers the northern part of the area of Norway known as the Western Fjords, including the cathedral city of Molde by the Romsdalsfjord, the Atlantic ports of Ålesund in the southern part and Kristiansund in the northern part of the Diocese. There are about 270.000 inhabitants in the region Møre and Romsdal, of which about 80% are members of The Church of Norway; an evangelical-lutheran church.

The dioceses ministry is centred in the churches and prayerhouses of rural neighbourhoods, and in its large town churches. Male and female priests and consecrated catechists and deacons minister to the churches and are supported by lay members of their congregations, while the prayerhouses are largely led and run by the laity.

List of churches in Møre

Music is a big part of church life in Møre, and many British organists have found careers here in full-time posts funded by the community.


Friendship dioceses

The diocese of Møre has two friendship dioceses: The Diocese of Newcastle in England and The Evangelical Lutheran church in northern Hungary. In connection with the 30th anniversary of Møre Diocese in 2013 both deals were evaluated and re-signed. 

In march 2015 The Diocese of Møre adopted a Scholarship for congregations, in order to develop and stimulate local contacts between congregations in both friendship dioceses.


Diocese of Newcastle

The established churches of Norway and Northumbria share the cultural roots of their respective regions, a history of seafaring, shipbuilding and fishing, and are inextricably bound by the history of the Vikings who did so much to shape the landscape ofNorthem Europe in the first millennium.

The two churches are also in communion with each other through the Porvoo Agreement, an ecumenical initiative drawn up in the 1990's which aims to foster fellowship between the Christian communities of Scandinavia and Britain. 

In the 2lst Century the Norwegian Lutheran and Anglican churches face a common challenge, how to preach the Gospel to secular societies in ways that are relevant and dynamic. The dioceses of Møre and Newcastle hope to support and inform each other in this task.

Liaison groups in Newcastle and Møre are considering the way ahead and drawing up plans for exchange visitsProposals include two-way expeditions by theological students and priests in training, chaplaincy cover during holiday periods in both countries, the twinning of parishes and deaneries, and conferences to explore pattems of ministry in the two dioceses. Youth camps, liturgical workshops, parish weekends, information material which shares good practice from both dioceses and the possible setting up of a Mothers'

Union branch in Norway, are also under discussion. The focus of the link is prayer. Newcastle and Møre have committed to praying for each other on a regular basis, and hope to draw up a prayer list for use in the parishes of both dioceses.


The Evangelical Lutheran church of Hungary

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary is the third largest historical church in Hungary with about 215.000 members. The contact and cooperation between The dioces of Møre and The Evangelical Lutheran church of Hungary began in 2001 and has included cooperation in education, inspiration and developing bonds across geographical and cultural differences. Exchanging views on Lutheran identity, refugee crisis, relief efforts and diakonia have also been parts of the discussions.





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Telephone: +47 71 25 06 70
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Moldetrappa 1 - Molde

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Møre bispedømeråd

Moldetrappa 1

6415 MOLDE


Tlf: 71 25 06 70



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Bjørn Olaf Storhaug


Svein Magne Harnes

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